Astral Apes is a collection of 3,333 high quality and uniquely generated 3D Apes roaming the Solana Space.


Astral Apes is our first ever NFT collection and we will continue building after the public sale. Every Astral Ape's holder has a voice in this project and will be able to steer the project to customize their own NFTs. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us.  

In our core team, we have a skilled and dedicated team of world-class Artists, experts in the NFT market

and marketers.

We are confident of achieving our goals and are ready to introduce our A-apes collection! 

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Astral Apes
Smart Contracts

He has worked in the blockchain industry for 10 years and is the most sincere and passionate person. Experience the NFTs he will show and the future of blockchain.

Astral Apes
Art director & Design

A 3D graphic designer and creative director with 20 years of experience. Now builds a future with Astral Apes.

Astral Apes
Project Management

He has achieved successful marketing on block chain projects.

Now he is with us


Phase 1 - Pre-sale

- Early accessors will have a chance to get a pre-sale with a reduced price of 1.5 SOL per NFT.

- Don’t miss this opportunity to be an early member of the Astral Apes at a discounted price!

Phase 2 - Launch

-  Initial launch of our Astral Apes collection: 3,333 NFTs

- Generic store: Partnering up and integrating Astral Apes NFTs into Solana Marketplaces. (Magiceden, Solanart, Solsea)

Phase 3 - Post Launch

- Astral Apes NFT buyers will assess 10% of royalties and all of A-Apes NFT holders will be rewarded with exclusive items and drops - Limited editions.

- Burn program begins: we will buy back and burn unwanted A-Apes reducing the amount in circulation.

Phase 4 - Donation

- 10% of SOL profits will be donated to charity. Legitimate charitable organizations will be chosen by the community

urvey. BONUS (2022) We will send a free NFT to everyone who owns an Astral Ape! 

Astral Market

- Astral Token Staking

- Discounted Fees, Presale access, Blind Box Unlock

- NFT Studio

- NFT Auction

   Astral MARKET offers NFT collectors an easy way to keep all their unique crypto NFTs and digital assets in one place.

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